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I refer to the news about Maybank's new policy for solicitors.

I appreciate the cause for concern by the Bar Council chairperson in denouncing Maybank's new requirement that legal firms to have 50 percent bumiputera equity in order to be listed on its panel of solicitors

However I think this call has come a little too late. The difference is Maybank have the guts to openly state their discriminatory stand.

This practise of discrimination has been practised as long as I can remember not only by the banks but by so many bumiputera institutions.

They can tell you point blank that this is a bumiputera institution and if you want work from them, you need to have a bumiputera partner.

The Bar Council is surely aware of it, except that it was never in black and white until now.

Let's not be nave about this, even the government is quite open about this. Just look at the civil service and you will understand that what Maybank did was to call a spade a spade.

Survival instinct dictates that we must go into an arrangement with a bumiputera partner, after all they are bringing in the business.

Do not misunderstand me, many of the bumiputera lawyers are quite capable and hard working and will put in their share of time.

What I am harbouring on is the fact that this is part and parcel of the bumiputera institution requirements.

What is the use of a boycott ? This Ali Baba arrangement has been around for a long time and I doubt it will go away so long as the present government is still running this country.