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I refer to my original letter Apology demanded from racist minister which was regarding the racist comments passed by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Jamaludin Jarjis during a working visit to California recently.

I also refer to a recent blog entry which claims that the minister has supposedly apologised for the remarks. So it was all said in jest - an utterance (as in a jeer or quip) intended to be taken as mockery or humor. Which part of his comments did any of you find funny? This coming from a learned man, a leader of a multicultural country, a minister, a son, a parent and a husband. Really, the lamest excuses one makes for misbehaviour. So are we to digest it all and think to ourselves that he just has a bad sense of humor?

It is rumoured that he apologised. Really? How come I am the last to know? And it was through an aide? And to the 'student in LA'? How come nothing in the media? Pressure not to publicise the issue I was told.

Despite the many interviews we have had with reporters (who approached us by the way) from Bernama, New Straits Times and The Star , not one word of it was published. It is a sorry and scary state of affairs. If he did apologise, why was there nothing in the media? All I know is what I gather from reading the blogs. So much for World Press Freedom Day.

Having spoken to some people who were present there on that day in California, all agreed that it was distasteful but of course, no one would come forward and say so or back me up on this. Some said, 'What can I do? I am just a government servant, he is a minister'. Embassy officials have promised they will 'make a report' on the incident. My guess is they are still typing it.

Despite all the letters to the various other ministers (you know who you are), not one person has taken an ounce of responsibility to reply to me or inform me what the next course of action is. 'Keep it down and it'll die its natural death', that is the message I am getting. Even the PM's Office has nothing to say; maybe their e-mail addresses are not working? Well, the minister of science, technology and innovation should be able to fix that.

The Indian Malaysian leaders are 'still looking into the matter'. What a pity. Are they trying to dissect and analyse the situation? Trying to find out the intonation of his voice when he uttered nonsense? Some are blowing the trumpet on how he has helped Indians and if so, how does that give him the 'right' to act disgracefully and not be questioned by our leaders?

Maybe the officials who are 'protecting' the issue should consider having him as a poster child for Visit Malaysia Year to bleat about our multiracial culture. It is fair since such open, blatant disregard for fellow Malaysians can go unacknowledged, let alone disciplined. I am still waiting for all the officials to update me on their next course of action. If indeed he did apologise, make it public because what he said was an insult to everyone.

I agree the problem my sister and I have highlighted might be the tip of the iceberg of all the misconduct going on in our country but people have to learn to stand up for their rights and beliefs, politics aside. It just goes to show the basic upbringing we have had.

I am ashamed of how this whole issue was handled - or mishandled I should say. I would like to hear the PM's say on this. Does he think it's funny too? Please remind yourself that the world is watching and to just ignore issues like this just paints a bad picture internationally. My colleagues are already questioning the integrity and sincerity of a government that condones such behavior.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank all the people who had the guts to back me up on this matter - you know who you are. Long live the bloggers and the opposition leaders. Stand up for what you believe in.