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Maybanks move but a reflection of countrys leadership

I refer to the letter I am taking my business away from Maybank . I am proud of all those who have pledged to give up their Maybank accounts, since Maybank almost chose to be selective with whom it does business with. Quid pro quo.

However deriding Maybank does not hide the amazing amount of independent initiatives carried out at every level of Malaysian life by race card holders.

No cabinet instructions, no PM telling them - these are carried out with plenty of gusto. How the school cleaning has to be done by a bumi company, how trainers for government officials have to be bumis, how computers have to be bought from bumis.

Are the cabinet and PM culpable? Of course. They never openly condemn it.

My father all his life drove someone else's taxi, because permits were just not given to some immigrants' children, while other immigrants' children can rise in dentistry and to a chief ministership.

What is alarming is that many of us see Maybank's act as separate from our leaders. But without the moral leadership they abandoned, blatant unfairness such as this would not reek into every facet of Malaysian living, and now exist as 'rights'.

Changes can happen in a nation when lawmakers make fair laws, or when courts defend principles over political indulgences or when leaders become statesmen and defend us all from tyranny. If one of three worked, truth has a chance to prevail.

Unfortunately in Malaysia, ignoble MPs, docile judges and leaders with vested interest crowd the plate and we get the worse of it. The truth is often sacrificed.

Punish Maybank, by all means, if it repeats its actions. However, the bigger picture is that we, as a people of this land, are telling those that need telling that the days of arbitrariness are over. Decisions must make sense in the plane of reason, and not in the suffocating lanes of chauvinism.

The Malaysia many have grown up with or grown accustomed to is seeing dusk after what has seemed an eternity. The spaces of irrationality are being replaced by the discipline the world is asserting.

In 10 years time, all major corporations in conventional industries will operate as multinationals, in the shape of equity, employees and management. To grow, they have to rake in foreign capital, expertise and economy.

Malaysia has a unique race policy which takes years for its own citizens to understand let alone accept. That policy will not sit easy with people who not Malaysian.

Our job must be to keep shoving back the zealots, explaining that what we want is no more but an even chance at the game while standing for what is right and just letting the tide of globalisation take its course.

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