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I refer to the letters M'sian embassy signage: Why not Bahasa Malaysia too? and But Jawi is BM !

I am a Chinese Malaysian who, like the prime minister of Singapore, has been able to read Jawi since early childhood. So, unlike Tzuo Hann Law, I can tell that the signage at the Malaysian Embassy in Washington says 'Kedutaan Besar Malaysia' and that the signage is not written in another language.

However, the issue remains as to why is the signage at the embassy not written in Romanised Bahasa Malaysia, which is the form of the written Bahasa Malaysia taught to all citizens in our schools? Why write in Jawi alone and allow citizens not conversant in Jawi to feel excluded?

Nora Ahmad, on the other hand, bemoans the lack of integration amongst Malaysians of different backgrounds and speaks of the non-Malays' aversion towards anything Malay or Islamic. While what Nora describes is true, surely it makes one think why this situation has befallen us.

I think the latest instalment of events that causes this scenario, in the form of the Lina Joy decision, can explain the situation. If Nora were living in a country where Chinese are the majority and the majority had put in place a series of devices that cause disadvantage to her due to her race and her religion, wouldn't she have at least some aversion towards things Chinese and whatever religion this hypothetical Chinese majority nation subscribes to?