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I refer to the letter Time for moderate Muslims to put their foot down .

I find it rather funny that Dr Syed Alwi Ahmad's knowledge of Islamic civilisation only stops at Baghdad (and the fall of the Abbasid Caliphate). It is a common knowledge that there exist other Islamic governments or Caliphates even after the fall of Baghdad.

One example is the Ottoman empire which existed after the fall of Baghdad. The empire existed for about 700 years until it's fall in 1909. During the reign of the empire, it has thrived in all aspects of humanity including the area we call 'science and technology.

An instance of the Ottoman's success in science is can be found in Wikipedia ):

'Considered as the world's first institution of higher learning specifically dedicated to engineering education, Istanbul Technical University has a history that began in 1773.'

This is a slap in the face for the likes of Dr Syed Alwi for assuming that Islamic contribution to science stopped after Baghdad. In fact, the same entry from Wilkepedia states: 'The culturalist approach that blames 'Oriental dogmatism' and 'Islamic mentality' for the neglect of the scientific and technological achievements has been questioned as the collections on this subject are getting richer'.

Such is another slap in the face of the likes of Dr Syed Alwi for making such absurd and ignorant claims. In short, the contribution of Islam to science did not stop after the fall of Baghdad. Dr Syed Alwi is also advised to read my letter again .

In it, I clearly state that apostasy is a felony in Islam. This is with the agreement of all scholars and it has been so for the last 1,400 years, even during the glory years of Baghdad.

Also, the law of apostasy is a law from God that is enacted until the end of time. There are not many laws in Islam that is of this nature but apostasy in one of those. To say that following this rule is dogmatic is the same as saying that to follow the rule on 'As Salah'(prayers) as dogmatic. Pretty soon, just about every ruling in Islam will deemed dogmatic.

For Dr Syed's information, the law on apostasy in Islam is very clear. The argument is clear and the punishment is also clear. The law has been argued, debated and concluded for the last 1400 yrs. There exists volumes and volumes of argument on the subject and I wonder if Dr Syed Alwi has taken the time to read any of them? One has to learn the argument first before one can accuse such la aw as being dogmatic.

Dr Syed Alwi's claim of dogmatism is his manifestation of his own dogmatic nature in following the western secular liberal paradigm. In fact, he is so wrapped up into it that he cannot see anything else as being true.

He demonstrates what is really wrong with the so-call 'moderate Muslims'. They are so caught up with their Western mentality that they fail to see the existence of an alternative explanation to what the West detests. They refuse to think outside the box and choose to exist in the abject ignorance.