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Do bocor type remarks affect Malaysia's image?

I refer to the malaysiakini report PM: Don't politicise sexist remarks issue .

I would wish to convey a third party opinion, prodded by internal discussions, on the possible effects of sexist remarks made by prominent Malaysian citizens on Malaysia's international reputation.

The short answer to this pertinent question is yes, for a number of reasons.

It is a violation of the spirit of the Universal Human Rights Declaration more so coming from persons who are in a position of influence and power.

Malaysia is a member of the UN Human Rights Commission, further raising expectations of exemplary and ambitious approach to upholding human rights, including gender equality, and fundamental freedoms.

Finally, such remarks have a far greater and adverse impact than some people in position of power care to admit. Witnessing moreover the impunity that has accompanied such remarks, astonishment and disbelief prevail.

The writer is Ambassador - Head of the European Commission Delegation to Malaysia.