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Syed Husin Ali, what a fine, clear cut and thorough analysis with regards to the current situation our country are facing ( Both Rafidah and Rommel wrong ).

If I would just add, should PKR be a more professional and ethical party, I supposed we, the ordinary folks, will very much willing to extend our utmost support to PKR itself but after recently seeing the superimposed picture of the deputy prime minister being posted by one of your party colleagues, it just show that the ugly and unprofessional side of the party itself.

It is indeed destroying the credibility of the party image in the eyes of the normal and ordinary folks. Certainly, we do agree that the current administration is consist of a whole bunch of 'jokers' but if the opposition such as PKR are behaving no differently than those current bunch of 'jokers', how do you expect us to change our course to support your party instead?