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LETTER | Exempt SST for rehabilitative medicine and care

LETTER | With reference to the government’s decision to exempt the Sales and Services Tax (SST) for traditional medicine, we would like to make a similar request on behalf of fellow standalone private allied health care providers.

Rehabilitation medicine service providers play a crucial role in the recovery process of patients, besides the exceptional care provided by doctors and nurses.

This dedicated team works tirelessly to rehabilitate patients who were once bedridden due to stroke, fractures, and other debilitating conditions, helping them regain mobility, independence and return to their normal daily lives, including the resumption of work.

The impact of rehabilitation cannot be overstated, as it is an essential component in enhancing the quality of life for patients and their families.

Therefore, the Private Physiotherapy Practise Association (PPPA) - on behalf of all rehabilitation medicine service providers, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, audiology, dietitian, and other related professionals, would like to bring to your attention the vital contribution made by rehabilitation medicine teams in the healthcare industry.

This is to understand the significance of our role in aiding patients to regain independence after a period of illness or injury.

The demand for rehabilitation medicine services has been continuously increasing, further highlighting the need to provide adequate support and resources to the sector.

Unfortunately, the current implementation of SST is creating additional financial burdens for both private rehabilitation medicine providers and patients.

Morever, under Allied Health Professionals Act 774, rehabilitation medicine provider is considered as essential services, regardless private setting or government setting.

So, why is SST being imposed only onto private rehabilitation medicine providers? This measure is totally against the Madani concept in helping the poor to obtain an affordable rehabilitation services especially in private setting.

Rehabilitative medicine requires frequent visits and some long-term care and the SST implementation would definitely add burden to patients.

We firmly believe that waiving SST for rehabilitation medicine service providers would alleviate the financial strain on patients, making necessary treatments more accessible and affordable to those in need.

We kindly request and call for public attention and support in reviewing the impact of SST on rehabilitative medicine services.

By considering our plea, you will not only aid patients and their families in their path to recovery but also contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare industry.

Writer is the president of Private Physiotherapy Practise Association.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.