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Everyday, we read in the mass media about the Altantuya murder trial. Everyday, it gets more and more sickening. Sadly, it has the appearance of nothing more than a big farce. Watch any forensic and investigative-based documentary and you can see a stark difference.

Something big is missing so far from the Altatunya case - it's motive. People don't commit crimes without a motive unless they are suffering from a mental illness. There is a suggested motive of the covering up of infidelity. However, this is a non-issue with regards to Muslims. After all, Muslims can have four wives. It is only in Western society that infidelity is a major issue as unfaithfulness leads to divorce, separation from children, loss of wealth, damage to career, loss of respect, smaller circle of friends and a departure from mainstream life.

This is not the case for Muslims in Malaysia as polygamy brings admiration and a higher social standing especially if in the process, a non-Muslim spouse converts to Islam.

So now, what's the real motive?

In fact, an important point in law is that the motive is an essential ingredient in proving guilt, much like flour when baking a cake. No motive, no culpability, it is that simple.

As long as there is no motive in the Altantnya case, people with definitely speculate about there being a cover-up. Let us hope that justice will be served so that we Malaysians can feel safe and secure in our own country.

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