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I refer to the letter Umno's demonisation campaign huge success which really sums up the prevailing problems that are plaguing Malaysia's long-term development and its many current woes.

My parents and I made that important decision of migrating to Australia 20 years ago. At that time, as a teenager, I was most unhappy, reluctant to leave and had the deepest reservations of leaving my friends and way of life in Malaysia. Of course, how very naive I was then!

In Australia, given the opportunity in a system that promotes meritocracy, fair play and competitive spirit, and through the help of God and hard work, I was able to enter medical school, graduate and progress to become a specialist doctor.

Again with hard work and a level-playing field, I am able to do diagnostic and important research work in Australia, more recently in the United States and Singapore. I seriously doubt such opportunities will have been available to me had I remained in Malaysia. Very likely never.

Looking back, I thank my parents for taking the risk of leaving their secure jobs and comfortable life. It was a very, very good far-sighted decision and I have never regretted leaving Malaysia. Many of my (non-bumiputera) friends whom I have schooled with in Malaysia are also progressing well with their careers and businesses in other countries such as Australia, US, UK and Singapore.

It is truly a pity because Malaysia has so much potential in her very capable citizens, but this advantage is practically gone with such a retrogressive system in place; an obvious point made by an astute and very honest European Commission ambassador recently.

Personally, I don't think this situation will ever change and the brain drain will continue. We are witnessing the hollowing out of human resources and talents. Of course, I wonder whether this is even seen as a loss by the government.

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