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I read another gratuitous article about how Malaysia is a wonderful example of unity and diversity in our mainstream press this weekend, and nearly vomited. The article was written as a supposed remedy to the problems plaguing Bosnia, and some people actually think we could help solve Iraq's inter-ethnic problems by our 'shining example'.

I disagree.

I think our brainwashed mainstream hacks need to ask themselves exactly what aspects of Malaysia's political culture could possibly benefit other countries.

Our aristocracy, judiciary, armed forces, police, parliament, cabinet and huge civil service is totally dominated by one ethnic group. Nevertheless, Umno leaders tell them they are under dire threat by the ethnic minorities in Malaysia, and then proceed to stir up as much sabre-rattling, populist, hate-mongering, divisive, inflammatory rhetoric as is humanly possible.

Our dominant ethnic political party organises mob violence at venues (such as the Apcet II meeting ) whenever the occasion suits itself, and unashamedly threatens violence against the ethnic minorities at its AGM (Kerishamudin's 'keris'-waving and 'bathe it in blood' antics courtesy of national television) and not to mention mobilising its youth wing mobs to threaten to burn down a public building belonging to an ethnic minority - the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Our dominant ethnic political party has practiced gross discrimination in jobs, education and businesses against its ethnic minorities for the last 40 years. Meritocracy was and still is a dirty word, and any ethnic minority Malaysian citizen harping on its absence in the allocation of university places, scholarships, and job promotions in any government job or business tender is promptly told to leave Malaysia if they don't like it.

Our business culture and economy has been completely perverted by hugely lucrative hundred million dollar kickbacks, licenses, concessions, and monopolies to the friends and families of the Umno ruling elite. Again, there are no open tenders, and if open, are not open at all to companies owned by ethnic minority citizens.

Our political and business culture is characterised by obscene levels of corruption that starts at the top such that those lower down the scales think it utter stupidity not to follow in their footsteps.

Our judiciary is a joke, and no one believes that the rich and the poor are treated equally.

I put it to you that we are fast heading in that doomed failed state direction, and in many ways, have arrived. Remember this when you vote, and where we are all heading as a nation.