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The reason why people believe in alternative media more than mass circulation media is simply because the mass circulation media refuses to carry both sides of the story. People are not out for blood when they criticise politicians or those in power - why wouldn't we be happy if those in power are indeed accountable, responsible and competent?

The point is, the government is quick to lay blame on bloggers as liars, and doubly quick at investigating them, while, on the other hand, it takes forever to probe alleged embezzlement of public funds and other wrongdoings by those in power.

And even then, the investigation by the authorities do not instil confidence that the truth has been uncovered. And this is clearly the fault of the government in that they failed to instill confidence by refusing independent investigation into scandals, refusing to have open public tenders, failing on their promises, or when they let Umno Youth run loose with racist and hateful messages.

They should take a step backwards and realise that bloggers are responsible and that blogging is a relatively civil medium to discharge pent-up feelings of inequity and discrimination, and especially feelings of frustration at the ridiculous levels of transgressions going on in public offices.

Instead of behaving like the big bad empire, the government should let vent the full might of the nation's conscience and consciousness.

Their grip on basic liberties effectively acts like a bank-vault door that dangerously prevents the outpouring of the nation's creative energy - the very engine that moves our economy. That trapped energy will eventually find another way out, and for every fallen blogger, there will be two to replace him.