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It was appalling to read the statements by Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin in the media recently against Anwar Ibrahim. Such racist remarks from a dominant member of the ruling coalition are the least required in a multiracial country.

Khairy described Anwar as a 'traitor' to the Malay cause. He said Anwar is a puppet of the US and the Jews, thus he must 'be hounded' until there is no more place 'for him to run to'. This accusation was made just because Anwar wanted to do away the New Economic Policy (NEP).

According to Khairy, the coming general elections is not about politics but the future of the Malays. Does Khairy ever think of the future of the non-Malays? Like all elections this, too, must be for the future of all Malaysians.

Khairy also warned the component party leaders against making demands for extra seats for their parties in the coming general elections.

It is significant that Khairy chose to make these statements at an Umno Youth gathering attended by 5,000 people and on the brink of a widely-expected general elections. His motive is clear to garner the support of the Malays for the election. It is sad that he has to resort to such low level racist tactics to get that support.

According to Anwar, the NEP only benefitted the rich Malays. The rich were getting richer and the vast majority of the Malays continue to remain poor. In fact, with the escalating cost of living they are getting poorer. What Anwar actually wanted was for the benefit of the Malays in general. Does that make him a traitor to his race? Why bring in the Americans and the Jews? What have these people done to the detriment of the Malays?

Leaders of the component parties are very senior ministers. Is it befitting that a young leader of the youth wing of Umno issue threats to these senior members of the coalition which preaches fair play and goodwill? Is this the new Barisan Nasional way?

Where have the lessons on respecting the elders all gone to? Are we now teaching our kids to show respect to only the elders of our own race?

The racial unity and harmony that had been built by our forefathers is slowly eluding us. We have enough of ethnic champions. It is time we have leaders who would champion the rights and needs of all Malaysians regardless of race or creed.