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LETTER | Remember, embrace, put into action the Rukun Negara

LETTER | It is most regrettable to note recent incidents that touch on various racial and religious sensitivities. It is high time Malaysians of all walks of life practised moderation.

Do not let selfish and sometimes downright evil individuals divide us. Malaysians have always shared kinship through thick and thin.

Undoubtedly, there were times when the spirit and sense of unity and togetherness were put to the test. But we have not come so far and achieved so much to be divided by petty grievances. Our civic duty and moral responsibility towards each other is bigger and more noble.

Do not be led astray. Trying times such as the Covid-19 pandemic saw Malaysians band together to help each other in cash and in kind. We were there for one another. There was no distinction, we were united as one. Lives and livelihoods were the order of the day. The commitment, dedication and responsibility shown were a stellar example of the Malaysian way of life.

It does not take another pandemic to teach or make us be kind to one another. It is of paramount importance for us to do it now. Change for the better. Practise moderation in our words and actions.

One does not need to look far. Just go on social media and see heated exchanges happening. Yes, free speech is part of modern society, but it is not to be abused.

Be kind to one another. Change for the better. Keep the faith in our religion, believe in the good of others and practise moderation.

Remember, embrace and put into action the National Principles or Rukun Negara, which has and will always be a source of strength and a guiding light towards nation-building and unity. Malaysia has been and will always be ours.

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