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No reason to strip Namewee of citizenship

I refer to the letter Negarakuku: Understand where composer is coming from .

I actually admire the guts of Namewee to sing out this 'Negarakuku'. True, the language used is a bit rough but at the end of day it sings out nothing but the truth about how most Chinese Malaysians and the other races see this country. Marginalisation, corruption, civil service bureaucracy, etc.

If the song is nothing but praises of Malaysia, then it's just another lame song. A lame song that is usually being sung by our Umno to deceive all Malaysians. Is Namewee's song seditious? How about the keris waving incident? That was not seditious? Disrespect for Islam just because it was said that some of them were 'out of tune' when praying?

How about demolishing of those Hindu temples? Isn't that total disrespect for other religions? I hope someone from the ruling parties can enlighten me on these issues.

If the government intends to strip Wee Meng of his citizenship, then first strip off the citizenships of Umno members, the arrogant keris waving minister and also those who authorized the demolishing of Hindu temples.

Until I see that, I don't see any reason why we should strip off the citizenship of a young Malaysian who is frustrated with the way Malaysia turned out after 50 years of independence.

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