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There are two things I find disturbing in Malaysia. Both relate to the inability of some people to accept reality. They live in their own delusional world like the proverbial 'emperor with no clothes' and merely parade their shameful nakedness.

The first relates to the police. History, anecdotes, the royal commission, the police force's own corrupt cops, the public, and now an eminent former IGP all can vouch that corruption occurs and action is needed to arrest the corrupt cops and put them in jail. Yet the enforcers appear to be stricken with inertia.

They seem to be selective in who they want to take to task and can be expeditious when they want to, but busting corruption remains low on their list of priorities. Even when the proof stares them in the face they still want more proof.

The problem with corruption, if left unchecked, undermines the rule of law and dispensation of justice and ultimately endangers the security of the country. With corruption also comes the problem of credibility and when systems, institutions and people in positions of authority are no longer perceived as credible and trustworthy, people will be confused and despondent. What then is there left of a just and moral society? When a nation loses its integrity, it is buried with the other failed states. Lawlessness results.

My second matter relates to the attempts to turn Christianity into some kind of gay circus. The apologists and 'spinmeisters' for a gay church paint those who oppose their heresy as unthinking, unkind and uncool Christians who don't know what they are opposing.

Let me speak plainly. Christianity is not a new fad that needs anyone to think about how it should be practised. It isn't as if it is a fledgling faith that needs fine-tuning and has teething problems to be sorted out especially in its opposition to sins including homosexuality.

Rather it is an old faith that for thousands of years have stood the test of time and faced onslaughts from those who have tried to undermine it from within and without. If anyone is confused about the Bible, about their sexuality, it is the gay activists.

Some men want to have sex with women who are not their wives. Some men want to sodomise other men or marry them. Some people want to commit sexual immorality, incest, bestiality, and so on. Christianity has faced them all. Thus Christians who follow the Bible cannot but uphold its holy and traditional teachings against sins, which the Bible clearly spells out and this includes homosexuality.

Every religion faces the threat of heresy and when Christians oppose wrong teachings they are being obedient to the Bible.