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I refer to the letter Why Malaysia is 50 years old and not 44 .

I do not agree. Remember this, we were invited to join the Federation of Malaya. We didn't beg to be part of the federation; as a matter of fact many then were - and even now - are not happy with being dragged into the federation.

We could easily have survived on our own like in the case of Brunei or Singapore. We had all the natural resources to keep us going. We have a hardworking population made up of various ethnic groups and races all ready to work hand-in-hand without having to prove who is superior or inferior.

In short, we are one peaceful, harmonious and tolerant population.

As Uncle Yap is aware, we didn't 'enter' the federation. In fact, we came in together with Sabah to form and give birth to Malaysia. So is it so wrong for the peoples of these two states to point out that Malaysia is 44 years old and not 50?

Sarawakians are very unhappy with the goings-on in the Peninsula where the politicians there appear to have nothing else on their minds except to harp on racial and political superiority. Sarawakians dread the day when Umno, MCA or even the toothless MIC set foot on our shores.

Sarawak cannot afford to have disunity as a result of the infiltration of these extremist and racially-biased politicians. Which explains the reason why we should fight to keep the 20-point Agreement initiated by our forefathers - to protect future generations of Sarawakians and Sabahans.