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It is typical for DAP's Ronnie Liu to berate the MCA on any matter that he can seize on without offering any practical solutions at hand. If anything, his criticisms against the MCA are merely a ploy to stir up the emotions of the Chinese.

Pertaining to the relocation of pig farms in Malacca, Liu is hampering efforts by MCA to reach an amicable solution with his latest accusations against the BN government. This time, Liu's rhetoric is way too offbeat. In his blog , Ronnie claims that it is the 'policy of the incumbent BN administration to ban pig farming'.

He completely sidesteps the serious issues at hand, that is, environment pollution and the hygiene concerns of the residents of Paya Mengkuang, Ayer Molek and Bukit Beruang.

I'd like to ask Liu, 'How would you like to sleep with an open pig farm next to your house, and listen to cries of pigs being slaughtered and the 'aroma' of the subsequent effluents emanating into your air space and wastes from the swine flowing down into your drain and then clogging it up?'

I am quite certain Liu would object owing to environmental and health issues. A solution to the pig farmers would be for them to adopt modern waste management as practised in developed countries whereby animal wastes are converted to generate electricity and the stench is kept at bay.

Do have some sympathy for the local residents there who have to put up with the disgusting odour 24 hours a day.