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Serve the master well and thy shall be rewarded

All the problems facing our country today and that includes the 'fixing' of the judiciary rest on the shoulder of one man, Dr Mahathir Mohamad. His legacy of 22 years has seen our blessed country going down the slippery slope of racial and religious intolerance with corruption in the government, an ineffective police force and a corrupt and compliant judiciary.

Three persons who played a pivotal role in the conviction of former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim are now at the apexes of their careers due to no small measure from the man who wanted Anwar's conviction.

Augustine Paul was the High Court judge who presided over Anwar's sodomy and corruption trial and who later convicted and sentenced him to prison. He is now a Federal Court judge enjoying his prestigious position over more senior judges like Gopal Sri Ram.

Abdul Gani Patail was the head of the prosecution team that sought to secure Anwarr's conviction. Whether it was through his brilliant advocacy or whether it was through fortuitous luck that he managed to convict Anwar is something I would not like to speculate on. But he is now the attorney-general.

Lastly, Musa Hassan was the head of the police investigation team that gathered evidence (remember the mattress?) to build a case against the former deputy prime minister. Well, Musa is now the inspector-general of police.

Whether it is coincidence or otherwise that these three persons benefitted for their role in the Anwar saga is something we will never know. Nevertheless, recent events have revealed that those who serve their masters well are indeed adequately rewarded.