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Corrupt big fish swimming about freely

I refer to Malaysiakini report CJ denied talking to Lingam: Nazri . Again, another scandal surfaces on the Internet. And again, the first line of defence put up by the authorities is denial.

They never have had any serious investigations done on allegations of corruption, misappropriation of funds or abuse of power reported on the Internet.

Very often, the authority would dismiss the allegations as lies or rumours. There were a few who claimed that bloggers are cowards writing anonymously and protected by cyber laws. Incidentally, one blogger, Raja Petra Kamarudin took up the challenge to repeat those allegations in the public sphere in the presence of one famous former menteri besar. The latter ran for cover like a dog with its tail in between its egs.

What surprises me is that the people named in all these alleged scandals kept their silence and never challenged for the allegations be repeated in the public so that legal proceedings could be taken against the writers. They were not bothered to clear their name knowing full well that the issue would soon be forgotten.

At best, Pak Lah should have instructed the alleged suspects to explain or ask the authority to investigate the allegations.

I really cannot understand how so many corrupted fish are swimming and yet not even one was netted. Even the lousiest fisherman would have got one by now.

What I fear most is that the very people entrusted to investigate wrongdoings have lots of shortcomings themselves. For fear of disturbing a hornets' nest which may result in themselves being stung by the 'hornets', their best option would be to have the 'live and let live' attitude.

Otherwise, there is no reason why not a single case of corrupt big fish was successfully investigated resulting in a conviction of the culprit.