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Lingam tape a major embarrassment for govt

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Minister's claim full of holes .

The latest fiasco on 'judicial fixing' is not only a major embarrassment involving the Barisan Nasional government (yet again), but it also goes to show how low it would go just to strengthen its grip on power even if it means having to break all rules of decency, ethics and sometimes, laws of the land.

To my utter disgust, the government, instead of being concerned about the loss of integrity and confidence in the judiciary, went on the defensive. Is there something to hide, 'honourable' PM/DPM and AG?

The people behind this conspiracy should be hauled up to face the people's wrath, including the former PM if he had a hand on the matter. Only a properly convened royal commission could disprove the serious allegations of corruption, professional misconduct and the executive's interference with the judiciary.

This is a serious matter which the government must deal with head-on lest it be labeled a 'corrupt and shameless' government without intregrity and public accountability.

In all fairness indeed the identity of the 'person on the other end' of the line with lawyer VK Lingam must be verified and confirmed to be the current honourable Chief Justice. And I believe with the state-of-the-art technology that we have, it won't be too difficult to do whereas the authenticity of the video clip speaks for itself.

The people demand prompt answers and the outcome must meet our expectations.