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I refer to the Malaysiakini letter Why is the Chief Justice whispering to Nazri?

Like P Ramakrishnan I, too, am perplexed why the Chief Justice should fail to deny simply and clearly - that he was the person talked to and about in the now infamous Lingam tape. Instead he chose to deny that it was him by whispering his denial to Nazri.

As the Chief Justice, I am sure he knows that denial when not called for or failure to deny when a denial is called for simply raises the suspicion of guilt. The Chief Justice, in his wisdom, may have achieved both in this instance. If Nazri did not ask him for an explanation, then his denial to him was not called for. And he has, of course, failed to deny to those who have posed the question to him.

Perhaps Ramakrishnan, the explanation is simple - consistent with someone who is a simpleton. This is the month of Ramadan, the month when good words and deeds are required of all Muslims and evil thoughts and deeds are to be shunned.

It is better to say 'no comment' then to say 'I deny totally and absolutely' no lie will have been committed if the denial is a lie! Subsequently, a further and even better thought may have prompted him to deny by whispering to Nazri - God will not hear!