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A mere panel wont do them justice

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Bar United in their demand .

It is indeed heartening to see not only junior lawyers but senior lawyers too joining the 1.5km 'March for Justice' from the Palace of Justice to the PM's Office. The weather was cloudy while the crowd stood at the roundabout just before the steps leading to the PM's office.

The day was overcast with heavy rain clouds with the FRU men in full body armour lining up with their batons and rifles ever ready to charge. The water canons vehicles were poised and ready, and you even had a police helicopter hovering from above probably recording the event.

I would put the crowd at 3,000 strong if not for the various roadblocks leading to the PM's Office and the Palace of Justice. Many had to walk more than 5km and that distance did not deter the lawyers and they were greeted with cheers when they arrived. When the president of the Bar Council and a representative went to deliver their memorandum, the sky finally opened up.

Some ran for cover but a good number of lawyers stood firm braving the heavy downpour with their black jackets and ties. It was a good omen, remarked a senior member of the Bar. The gods are with us to wash the sins of the judiciary.

Coming back to the panel appointed by the government to investigate the Lingam Tape scandal it must be said that the panel members integrity' are suspect. Perhaps Haidar Mohd Noor would recall the 1988 judicial crisis, when he was the chief registrar hecould tell us where he hid the Seal of the Court.

This prompted the Bar Council to start a protest to 'Save The Seal' (Court Seal). And would Haidar Mohd Noor deny that he is related to the present chief justice?

Would another senior judge like to confirm that he has no part to play in the sacking of Mohamad Idid in the poison pen letter incident? Such questions begs for an answer. I cannot accept the findings of a mere 'panel' and nothing short of a Royal Commission of Inquiry set up under the Commissions Of Enquiry Act 1950 will do.

To the 2,000 protesters at the PM's Office whereby a substantial number were lawyers, you can stand proud for what you did. Not only did you Walk For Justice, you have shown the Malaysian public that you are prepared to fight corruption in the judiciary.