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I refer to the Malaysiakini report 'What crisis? I don't see any' .

This is the tragedy of Malaysia. Arrogance because they have been in power for 50 years. An MP who is so blind at to not even appreciate this crisis that the nation is facing. This is the level of awareness that we have in some of the MPs who are representing public interest.

It is even more shameful when the person concerned is the minister in charge of law and one with legal training. Nazri is always talking down because he has a self-esteem problem. Obviously he did not do well as a lawyer and now bears a chip on his shoulder. This is the reason for his continual one-upmanship with the legal fraternity.

I will wait patiently with hope for the final decision of the three-man committee on the alleged tr transgressions of our chief justice.

That document would hopefully open Nazri's eyes or alternatively, he is so confident that those appointed will agree with his findings. He should resign if they come out with clear indications of judicial impropriety.