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The revelation of the Lingam video is merely material evidence of what everyone already knows about the judicial system in Malaysia. With this evidence, shouldn't the persons involved in such a crime now be charged in court?

NAN wrote in his letter , 'Our judiciary is on the trial right now and the chief justice is in the dock to defend his suitability to remain in office failing which he should either resign or be removed from office for serious dereliction of duty'.

These people have committed a crime much worse than the crime committed by even drug pushers. They have influenced cases and have not allowed the law to take its natural course. Because of them, there are criminals roaming around as free men among us. If their intention was not to influence cases, then there will be no need to select 'friendly' judges. Just let the most experienced person take the seat.

How can they be let off by merely resigning? And for the law minister to come out in defence of the chief justice when the CJ himself does not want to comment on his involvement is not just a disgraceful act by a Malaysian minister, but is also a further crime in itself. Any one knows that if you are accused of a crime and if you did not do it, you will not reply to queries by saying that you have no comments.

He could have given so many responses, like 'I will soon prove my innocence", etc, etc. Instead, our country's chief justice shoots himself in the foot basically. The law minister should be the one pushing for the immediate suspension of the CJ pending a thorough investigation.

Nazri, don't show the world your stupidity over and over again. Your over-anxious interest to protect the CJ only makes us wonder about your interest in some of the cases brought before our courts.

And to add even more suspicion on your interest in the matter, you even accuse the Bar Council of behaving like the opposition when what they're trying to do is to get to the bottom of the matter. Actually, in such investigative matters, the opposition is the best qualified to do the job as there will be no conflict of interest.

As we all know, our former PM, Tun Mahathir is the one responsible for the rot in the judicial system. He too should be charged for this crime.