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Rebuttal to minister in charge of chief justice

I refer to the Malaysiakini report, 'What crisis? I don't see any' .

Let me just comment on a few remarks made by Mohamad Nazri Aziz, the de facto minister for the chief justice and other judges of repute, on the lawyers' 'Walk for Justice':

  1. 'The lawyers who took part have a brain like the opposition' - yes, it may be true, but at least we have a brain unlike the minister, who has long since been 'brain dead';

  • 'The Bar Council should register as an opposition party, then I will know how to treat them' - I think we already have too many redundant political parties like the BN;
  • 'I will treat them like an NGO, I don't bother about them' - spoken like a true democrat;
  • 'There is no crisis in the judiciary, everything is fine' - yes, that's true because the judiciary is now beyond redemption and is already in the pit of infamy and ignominy;
  • 'No need for a judicial appointments commission, the government is happy with the present constitutional arrangement' - I suppose that is true if you are happy with inept, incompetent and corrupt judges; and
  • 'There can be no executive interference in the affairs of the judiciary' - ahem, is that why you have become the minister for the judges?
  • The rest is as we lawyers say: res ipsa loquitur .