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Asean is abetting crimes against humanity

It is disgusting the Asean leaders have so far appear to have taken such a lackadaisical attitude towards the repressive junta in Burma. This is accompanied by the ever repeated excuses 'do not interfere with the internal matters of another country'. It is sheer nonsense.

Thousands have been butchered in Burma, the ethnic minorities are abused and used as forced labour. There is no respect for human rights. This huge population has to bear the brunt of cruelty to preserve the lifestyle of a few military men. In fact, the military murderers should be removed one way or another. Even an invasion by multinational forces will be in order.

Our foreign minister said that sanctions would hurt the ordinary people. This argument has been used by the junta for years. Now, with less sanctions, are the people better off? I suspect many Asean countries are happy to lap up the few crumbs thrown by the junta, and they couldn't care less about the people there.

Western countries have been more forthcoming with sanctions against the junta. But Burma's own neighbours are silent and come up with archaic excuses for staying mum - all for a few dollars more. I am ashamed to call them leaders because they are abetting crimes against humanity.