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I refer to Malaysiakini report Lingam tape: Protest at panel's first meeting .

Like majority of the public, I strongly disagree with forming an independent panel to establish the authenticity of the recording. The panel consists of members who do not have the expertise to establish the said objective. We have at our disposal so many ICT companies in the Multimedia Super Corridor and I suppose there must be a few which have the know-how to find out the truth. But sadly, the authority does not see it fit to do so.

Judging by the recording, any untrained person would tell that it is genuine one. Most of the people who viewed it shared the same conclusion as indicated by comments on popular blogs. And mind you, many of the bloggers, even though may be resentful of the administration, are fair in their comments. If one could recall the doctored photograph of Najib Razak dining with Altantuya Shaaribuu, almost every bloggers condemned Tian Chua. They did not like the idea at all and I truly share their view.

Thus bloggers are more rational and reasonable people than many in the authority. Members of the ruling power are beyond logic and reasons when scandals are exposed by the opposition. Assuming PAS claims that the moon is round, I believe those in the ruling parties would most probably form a panel to establish the fact.

Now that an independent panel has been set up and its finding is eagerly awaited by the public.

My only hope is that if the recording is found to be not authentic, the aggrieved parties, namely Ahmad Fairuz Sheik Abdul Halim and VK Lingam, must take legal action against the person responsible for broadcasting the video. It is very important to them because at stake is the negative perception on our judiciary. They must clear their name once and for all.

But if the recording is authentic, the government must come down hard on both of them. They must be punished accordingly. And the Bar Council must take the necessary disciplinary action on the said lawyer. Let us hope that this episode will not come to pass without a conclusion.

The world is watching closely especially after Pak Lah had announced loud and clear that he wanted to be fair to all.