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Why is there reluctance to interview Lingam?

I refer to the Malaysiakini report, Lingam tape: Reveal source or face jail .

Since the authenticity of the tape has not yet been established, I do not see why the Anti-Corruption Agency is so keen as to threaten jail to find out who the source is. If the tape is a forgery, then it is more a case for the police to take action, and if it is genuine then they should focus on VK Lingam and all implicated in the tape and not the source or sources.

Clearly, the ACA should just first interview Lingam and ask him whether such a conversation took place. If they are satisfied that he is telling the 'truth' in denying the conversation then they should just pass this matter to the police as there is no element of corruption in a faked tape is there?

Meanwhile, extraordinarily our three-man independent panel has also made an appeal for the source to step forward and not the main player of the piece. Their terms of reference is to investigate the tapes authenticity and not attach guilt and so I do not see why they cannot also appeal for Lingam's cooperation. If he has nothing to hide he will cooperate, and again one has this impression that there is a great reluctance to 'inconvenience' Lingam.

Up till now, Lingam has maintained an inelegant silence. One suspects that the second installment of the tape is on his mind because he cannot afford to contradict himself or be inconsistent if he makes a statement now.