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Independent panel a mere eye-wash

I refer to the Malaysiakini report ACA official quiz Anwar .

The hurriedly appointed government independent panel to probe the Lingam tape scandal is a mere eye wash to the public. Haider Mohamad Noor was involved in the 1988 judicial crisis, Lee Lam Thye is obliged to the government for all his present positions and the last panel member Mahadev Shankar's involvement is questionable.

It is compulsory for the government to create a royal commission to look into this matter and it cannot 'close one eye' to the public outcry for such a commission. It is embarrassing to know and to see that our country's reputation in Europe is going down the drain.

The Mongolian woman's murder trial for which the government prosecutors were changed at the last minute and the submarine purchase fiasco where huge commissions went to 'middle men' pale in comparison to this latest scandal to befall the nation.

The Lingam tape has provided confirmation of interference in the judiciary. The government can say what it wants, but investor confidence has been shaken tremendously by these events and we see their investments going to the other countries in Asean.

It was really pathetic hearing the comments from the prime minister, his deputy and the law minister when the video was initially surfaced. I was astonished by the quality of the ministers we have in the cabinet who seem to be running our country at their whims and fancies.

It is right that the lawyers and the Bar Council demonstrated by way of their the recent march to the Palace of Justice. We should all learn to shoulder responsibility and voice out our message at the right time and right place as the members of the Bar did. We should have done the same during the 1988 judicial crisis but we failed.

It is time we appeal directly to the King for the setting up of a royal commission to look into the Lingam tape and the surrounding incriminating evidences of the events in the video.