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Lincolns Inn jacket does not the man make

Mohd Nazri, I saw a photograph of you taken with a Lincoln's Inn badge emblazoned on your jacket. You must be one of the esteemed barrister-at-law that was called to the Bar of Lincoln's Inn. You have also practised law in your early days and you must have made your way to be selected as a de facto law minister.

As a law minister and as a lawyer, you should realise that it is essential to know your facts. To claim that there is a Witness Protection Bill when there is none, is what you as a lawyer would call a misrepresentation.

In this case, it would appear that the misrepresentation is fraudulently made, but then most Malaysian would accept that you have negligently made a misrepresentation without checking your facts or you simply is unaware of what is happening in your ministry. The Malaysian public has been misrepresented too many times by your fellow Barisan MPs that they are quite numb to such fiasco.

My point is this - if you have screwed up big time, just own up. It can be painful to look stupid, but I would have more respect for a stupid minister than one who pass the blame to his press officer .

Finally, I hope you would in future refrain from wearing the Lincoln Inn's jacket, lest you think it will make you look clever. It does not.