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Lam Thye, is the ferry photo authentic?

Lee Lam Thye as chairman of Niosh, or the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, wrote in the Star newspaper about the ferry tragedy that took four lives and a number of others missing. The newspaper incidentally showed a photo of the ferry Seagull Express on fire to illustrate Lee's point.

Lee instigated for a thorough investigation to be carried out to determine the cause of this tragedy and many other related questions. He is absolutely correct on this score, and I do salute him for his forthrightness and early show of concern.

I am particularly impressed with his sincerity in not questioning the photo of the burning ferry. Is it a real fire or can the photo be doctored or tampered with in the first place? With this clear demonstration of his forthrightness, those people who questioned Lee's character as a member of the Lingam tape panel can henceforth sleep more soundly.