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Zakaria Mat Deros is a man who has no shame. He had been exposed by the press of breaking the law in the construction of his palatial home and operating an illegal satay restaurant built on government reserve land.

When he was summoned to the palace by the Sultan of Selangor to explain himself, he took his own sweet time citing ill health and then shed crocodile tears and promised to curb his excesses. After all that, he continues to flaunt his wealth in public.

As if to infuriate others who felt he was let off rather too easily by the relevant authorities last year, he had the gall to invite the media for a conducted tour of his now completed and fully furnished mansion which should have been demolished in the first place, if only the authorities had gone by the book. Others with a lesser offence have suffered by having their extensions demolished by the local council.

I think it is high time for the authorities to re-open their files on Zakaria and conduct a thorough investigation on how a former railway jaga turned politician could have amassed such wealth and also not afraid to flaunt it to all and sundry.

Ask any law-abiding resident of Klang and I am sure they will have a lot of unsavoury things to say about their celebrity politician.

Further, he is also a powerful figure in the local political scene. When the situation of his own doing made it untenable for him to continue as a local councillor, he ensured his own son and daughter-in-law be appointed as councillors. Looks like political dynasties do exist in Klang.

Finally, Zakaria's attempt to portray himself as a caring and compassionate individual by opening his palatial home to orphans for a sleep over can best be summed up by a comment from an editor of a local daily, "Oh, how thoughtful!".