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I refer to ACA chief: Video clip is inadmissible evidence .

I am totally dumbfounded the Anti-Corruption Agency's statement that it cannot continue with its task because the authenticity of the video cannot be verified. Is this for real?

Any reasonable person knows that since it was a telephone conversation, it is naturally traceable and can be checked against the phone records of the culprits unless the phone companies decide otherwise.

Does the ACA really know its function or is it working on its own venality? It is created with the aim of eradicating corruption and ensuring that civil servants toe the line. Being a tool of the government is not part of its brief. The bottom line is that ACA officers have become another toothless bunch of bureaucrats.

Malaysia is such a great nation because of its multiracial society and I believe that we have such a great confluence of people which is envied thorough out the world and sadly this should not be destroyed for the glory of a few.

Long live Malaysia as we still have faith in some segment of our society - irrespective of religion, colour and creed - in the righteous goals that they have embarked in.