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Even Parliament refuses to debate Lingam tape

I refer to Malaysiakini report, House speaker throws out Lingam tape motion .

I believe the majority of the population is disgusted by the way the authority is dealing with the Lingam tape scandal. When they could easily get to the core of the matter by just interrogating the alleged speakers on the recording, they choose to set up a 'no-tooth' independent panel to establish the authenticity of the tape which could be done by IT experts.

Then to further complicate a simple matter, the authority insisted that the original recording must be obtained before further action could be taken. Off they went to get Anwar Ibrahim for the original recording. I really begin wonder those entrusted to investigate do really work with their brains.

Such an important recording are usually duplicate copies before they are dropped or sent to important figures like opposition leaders Anwar Ibrahim or Lim Kit Siang. In this respect, Anwar may not have the original recording nor would he know the source of the tape. Even after Anwar has furnished the Anti-Corruption Agency with the tape, they would still insist that the source be made known to them. There would be no ending to the episode.

The rejection of a debate on the tape in Parliament further showed that the powers-that-be are either afraid of the truth or are not serious in tackling the rot in the whole judiciary system.

How on earth can the House say that the issue is not of public importance? When a judge could be fixed by businessmen or lawyers, every strata of the rakyat is affected directly or indirectly. Those powerless and poor rakyat will not get fair judgment in courts of law if such practices are not curbed.

If such a scandalous recording were to be exposed in any of first world countries like Canada, Australia or even developing India, those implicated in the recording would have been sacked or delisted from their professional practices already. Yet our 'first world' Parliament does not see it fit for the scandal to be debated.

Pak Lah has all this while been championing for a first world mentality. This is the time to show the world he meant what he said.