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The Bersih protest rally on Nov 10 witnessed the awakening of Malaysians from an illusion that only the Barisan Nasional can deliver every time. With more that 40,000 people participating without fear of police brutality and the on-going heavy rain that afternoon, these people had demonstrated the true meaning of democracy.

From now on, people will stand up to this ineffective, inefficient and corrupt Barisan Nasional government. The climate of change has prevailed and it is hoped that this will continue until the welfare of the people and the nation is managed according to the wishes of the people.

The Barisan Nasional government had tried to use the police to frighten the public but even then, the police and the BN leaders were tricked. The main motive of the rally was to present a memorandum to the Agong but earlier, it was told that they would have a peaceful demonstration at Dataran Merdeka.

Police had mobilised their entire police force at that area and were caught unaware of their actual plans. The crowd managed to present the memorandum to the Agong seeking his Highness' assistance to resolve matters which have been neglected by the government and authorities for so long.

It is hoped that the Barisan Nasional government will realise that enough is enough and concentrate on managing the country effectively and efficiently. Wipe out corrupt, cronyism and nepotism or be prepared to be defeated by the people in the coming polls. It would not be easy for the present government to change their attitude that the all Malaysians are stupid and frightened by their actions. It is hoped that this first grand rally will open their eyes to reality.

Syabas to the organisers of the Bersih rally. I hope that our multi-racial society will cooperate more effectively in future demands. The participation of the Chinese and Indians were not as encouraging as the Malays, we have to admit. But it is hoped that in the future these communities will participate in full force to show their discontentment.

The time for change has just began and I hope this ray of light will continue until we can be proud of a Malaysia where the welfare of every citizen and our nation is taken care of.