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I refer to the letter, Religious text pervades my son's primary school , by KR Pramila.

Firstly, as a non-Muslim, I would not feel the religious texts in schools as offensive and would prefer to teach my children to learn the good values of our religions and the importance of tolerance between religions.

It's appalling that some religious teachings have been blown out of proportion by none other than parents who should have taught their children about living in a multi-religious country like Malaysia. The purpose of the religious text in the school canteen as mentioned by Pramila is to teach our children to appreciate the food we have and be thankful to God. It does not matter that it was referring to Allah.

Parents should not poison their children's mind on these religious issues. They should firstly learn how to respect other religions before insisting that others respect their own religion.

While we were in primary schools, the 'Doa Selamat' is part of our daily assembly and other school activities. While the Muslim children recited their prayers, the non-Muslims have been taught to respect it and not be offended or feel uncomfortable. Even our parents at that time did not feel offended and continue to send their non-Muslim children to school.

Dear parents, tolerance and respect for other religions start from your home. So, please ensure that our children are nurtured to value every aspect of our religions and not plant seeds of hatred in the mind of young children towards their fellow friends in our schools and the country in general.

Blaming the government and school teachers has always been the excuse of parents whenever their child has done wrong. Please point the finger at your own self rather than others as every act of your child is derived from your own attitude at home and in public.