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By the statements of the leadership of the Indian ruling elites who run their political party and its affiliations just like that of the ruling elites in Umno, they seem very scared of the fact that the whole world will be watching the handover of the memorandum by the leaders and coordinators of Hindraf to the representatives of the British High Commission in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25.

The ruling elites have come to a point where they no longer represent the Indian/Hindu masses in the country anymore as it has become pointless to go to them as they are not in a position to talk and debate with the Malay ruling Malay elites on the fate of the Indian masses in the country.

Whenever a Hindu temple in demolished, the leaders of the Hindraf and the Indian leaders of the opposition are the first to be on the scene to look into the legality of such an act of demolishment as oppose to the leaders of the Indian ruling elites who are only there after the whole temple is in rubbles.

If by being a coalition partner in a power-sharing government is anything to go by, the Indian ruling elites should have engaged the Malay ruling elites on the erosion of rights of the Indian Malaysians to practice their Hindu faith in their temples without fear that it will be demolished if there are too many Muslims in the vicinity or the state apparatus being used by greedy developers for the land that the temple occupies. This would have been a duty which the Indian ruling elites should have shouldered bearing in mind that they have the so-called "mandate" of the Indian Malaysians.

It has been proven time and again that these Indian ruling elites are only there to serve the interest of a chosen few and not the interest of the whole community which now is at the mercy of the federal and state authorities on every aspect of their daily lives. The gathering of Indian Malaysians in fact should be silently accepted by the Indian ruling elites as it is something which they themselves could not have dreamt of doing in the name of being the representatives of the Indian Malaysians in our Dewan Rakyat.

Therefore, the question is why should the ruling elite Indians be afraid and want to stop this gathering? It is simple, the Barisan Nasional way of discussing and agreeing behind closed doors has not worked for the past 50 years.

Indian Malaysians are still lagging behind in many areas especially in the areas of government representation and the lack of available seats in blue chip faculties of the public universities in the country. We cannot hoodwink the world by saying that one of the richest persons in Malaysia is an Indian and there are a few Indian streets in Peninsular Malaysia which is dominated by Indian-owned textile/garment and cash-and-carry outlets. This does not comprise what the working class and the poor Indians are subject to as they look forward to a bright future for their children in this country.

Hindraf is doing what most Indian Malaysians have been wanting to do all this while but could not due to fear of reprisal by the authorities. Let's see if the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration is actually interested in the welfare of the Indian Malaysians in the country or are they more keen to do what that had been mentioned in the recent Umno geeneral assembly where it was openly stated that the distribution of newspapers is being dominated by one race in the country, and it is time that the government takes a look into that too.

Therefore as racist as it may seem, Indian Malaysians make the easiest scapegoats for the ruling