The difference between Hindraf and Bersih

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Modified 29 Jan 2008, 10:21 am

How different is the Hindraf protest from Bersih rally ? You tell me. In the former, it was predominantly Indians, the latter mostly Malays.

Imagine the paradox, one society who has all the privileges and the other without any. This is not an issue of race or religion, but relates to the rights of Malaysians. Opinions and views can differ but the cause is the same; of rights and entitlements as a Malaysian.

Many things swing by our lives but two major rallies within a short span, what does it personify? Are you simply going to accept it and move on since you and I are not really affected by these events as we have the alternative plans? Vagabond forever. I don't think so.

These rallies show that Malaysians care and the public will generally support it as we cannot continue to be oppressed by the few and their orchestrated manipulation. Stop reading the mainstream press. The younger generation is much wiser in their perception, fortunately or unfortunately, towards the frustration that prevails in the system.

I read with pride of various bloggers from all walks of the Malaysian society at these rallies. There was not an inch of race or religion except for the identity of being Malaysian and afforded equal opportunities. Nevertheless, there are some with their own callous agenda. In the macro sense, most Malaysians are tolerant, law abiding and seek a peaceful society for all.

Every cause has its own direction but the direction is unitary for the betterment of the Malaysian society irrespective of race, colour or creed. What we seek is a better place for us to live harmoniously without any division manipulated for the benefit of the few.

Hey, it's not a perfect world but there is always somebody fighting for environmental, animal rights, religious, political, socialist, democratic, economic or demarcation issues. You can't solve the world's problems but you can make your society a better place if you could listen rather than turning to defiance for the benefit of the few.

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