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Najib's apology too late, damage done

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Najib waves stick and offers carrot .

To vote for the BN or not, is our right. No one, including Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak, can warn our community not to go against the ruling BN. The BN has had its way for the last 50 years and has failed Indians miserably. It’s about time others are given an opportunity to show their capabilities.

Our future, at present, seems better with those who are making true efforts to improve the lives of Indians, rather than those who have evidently and openly marginalised and oppressed the Indians.

The accusations of not using’ proper channels’, time after time, are absolute lies. If someone in the ruling party had taken an interest in reading the numerous complaints and letters sent to government officials and politicians, the street demonstrations would not have taken place.

On the demolition of temples, Najib said, ‘That was wrong on their part. We are sorry for that’. Well, in a country that practices religious sensitivity, this apology comes too late. In fact, the damage has been done.

To date, ‘body snatching’ is still taking place. Indian students are being abused at national schools, while the government commonly states that there has been a ‘misunderstanding.’ Tamil school students remain underprivileged and poverty remains evident. Our patience has run out.

The government was lucky the Indians demonstrated in a peaceful manner on Nov 25. For those who had seen the manner of Hindu temple destructions, the heartache and anger of the community would have been understandable.

So Mr Najib, after having done all that and not doing what you (BN) should have done, don't come telling us what to do, let alone warn us.