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I refer to Malaysiakini report Explosive revelations against Lingam .

Our justice system hit a new low when it was revealed in the royal commission of inquiry into the Lingam tape scandal that the senior lawyer had himself wrote a judgment for a civil suit to allow an influential tycoon to win a record RM10 million judgment in a defamation suit.

Since when have our judges outsourced their work to third parties? This disgraceful incident might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Another startling revelation is that an ACA officer had given RM 3,000 to Lingam’s former secretary to persuade her to remain quiet about the infamous trip her former boss and a retired chief justice made to New Zealand. Only in this country will you find ACA officers who are entrusted to stop graft and abuse of power paying another person to keep quiet.

Now that it has been proven that a former chief justice had lied under oath (when he denied that Lingam had tagged along with him on his holiday to New Zealand) added together with the other issues raised by Lingam’s brother earlier, I think that it is only proper for the Attorney-General to reopen Eusoff Chin’s file again.

For laymen who want to seek justice in a court of law, they will now have to think twice. If the justice system is full of judges who are on the take, rich and powerful litigants will be able to buy their way and judgments will always be in their favour.

Sad to say, our judiciary has suffered the same fate as our Parliament and executive where dishonest people have no compulsion about abusing their power for monetary rewards and think that their high office renders them ‘untouchable’ for their misdeeds.

In Third World countries, you will find all this sort of rubbish. Reading all the evidence so far before the royal commission will make any decent and law-abiding citizen shake in his or her shoes. The last and final bastion for the common man to seek justice against the rich and powerful has been sold to the highest bidder.

These dishonest judges will besmirch other honest and god-fearing judges who do their work diligently and are firm and fair to all litigants who appear before them in the courts.

Let the truth and justice run their course before the royal commission and may the guilty parties who have sullied our judiciary pay dearly for their hideous crime which has brought much shame upon our nation.