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Non-Malays the main problem

Basically, the Malay's are generally upset with the ruling administration and this was depicted by the swing during the 1990 elections with the birth of Semangat 46 challenging Dr Mahathir Mohamad and then1999 with PKR challenging Mahathir again. If one closely monitored both these instances, the Malay votes was divided. Nonetheless, it was the non-Malay that kept the ruling administration in power with their votes.

The Malay, in general, has a proven track record as far as the general elections are concerned. So how long can you ostracise the Malay masses under the pretext of ‘special rights’ and ‘Ketuanan Melayu’? We all know that this is a game ploy of the chosen few. The Bersih rally had a considerable impact because there is genuine dissatisfaction. Who were the majority participants?

The real issue is probably the non-Malays support for the BN and they comprising almost 40 percent of society. This group continues to support the ruling administration due to fear whereas the Malays themselves are ready to face any repercussions. The non-Malay continues with his belief that ‘all is lost’ if we don't re-elect for the ruling alliance.

The non-Malays have had their problems but when push comes to shove, they turn away and continues live by the deteriorating system while engineering their own escape options. This is core of the problem amongst the non-Malays.

A non-Malay will continue to say that all are racists, all are prejudiced and what not but will continue to support the same administration while creating their own options. The intrinsic motives of the non-Malay prevails and it lacks the altruism needed for the society.

To create a true Bangsa Malaysia, the non-Malay needs to understand what one's own priority is. Are you there for your individual needs or for a collective need that requires your wholehearted effort to achieve rather than being a turncoat for Bangsa Malaysia?

The Hindraf rally was a wake-up call for us irrespective of our colour, race and religion. When do we, the non-Malays, along with the steadfast Malays unite to actually fulfill our will to create a Bangsa Malaysia rather than crusading on a fault finding mission on how it should be.

If I and other non- Malays need to vote for PAS, there should be no qualms as long as our move serves Bangsa Malaysia. After 50 years under the same administration, how different can it be for non-Malays?

Let us, the non-Malays, together with the Malays make a change for the betterment of our future generations.