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I am writing from Germany, as a Malaysian looking on from outside at what has happened over the past four years or so.

When we fell into the trap of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi about four years ago, we were actually thinking that he could outperform former prime minister Dr Mohamad Mahathir. So do not blame yourselves. After all, all of us make mistakes. But we must not make the mistakes twice. To do so is utter foolishness and the giving away of your God-bestowed justice.

The question is: In the past four years, have the people of Malaysia - be they Malays, Chinese or Indians or others - benefitted? My answer is: Yes, but only the minority who were aligned with the wicked and corrupt people who are linked to the BN.

The mega projects and the toll hikes and the increase in petrol prices are all filling up the pockets of the dirty politicians in the BN. My friends, this is our money that could have been used for development projects, petrol subsidies and helping the poor.

Recently, I came back to my hometown to celebrate the Chinese New Year with my family and all I heard were grouses about the devaluation of our ringgit against major global currencies and neighbouring countries. This clearly shows the inability of the BN government to maintain the wealth of the people.

The Umno government is the most greedy. They have daringly robbed the wealth of the non- Malays in the name of income redistribution. Let me ask you, how many banks in Malaysia are still owned by non- Malays? What key positions are still being held by the Chinese or Indians? Are any chief ministers or high-ranking civil servants Chinese? Recently, a high-ranking Chinese police officer retired - who succeeded him?

Are there no better or more qualified non-bumiputeras in Malaysia? Ask the MCA why do they run behind Umno with their tails between their legs and their tongues sticking out, salivating like idiots. What did Ong Ka Ting do for the Chinese?

Even the approved permits (APs) for the importing of turkeys last Christmas were given to bumiputera companies. Since when was Umno so concerned about Christmas? Open your eyes and see who the import permits for the importing of mandarin oranges for the Chinese New Year were given to. Are there no credible Chinese businessmen in Malaysia? Has Ong Ka Ting or Lim Keng Yaik uttered a single word of protest? I dare not dream of it.

A MAS pilot who was recently fined in Australia for possessing pornography is said to be the son of a high-ranking government servant. No action has been taken against him because of that relationship. Why another set of laws for the cronies?

These are just a few examples.

My dear friends, to vote for BN is to give them the license to continue to rob ordinary people like yourselves. To do so is to participate in their evil deeds without any benefits for yourselves.

Let us now use this opportunity to throw out the corrupt government, and the slave-partner mentality of the MCA and MIC, by giving your sacred votes to the opposition - a voice of dissatisfaction with the BN for the last 50 Years. In unity there is strength - that is really ‘Malaysia Boleh’.