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I refer to the letter GE2008: Shahrizat was wronged.

Shahrizat must have a lot of support, including within Malaysiakini . A mole to be discovered? Or does Malaysiakini now publish each and any letter? The one I am referring to is blatant Umno-cyber-trooper material. Not that I'd mind publishing a pro-Shahrizat letter, but please, not anonymously.

'Justice' makes me laugh and sad, including sad for Malaysiakini. Shahrizat, now wasn't it her former constituency in which the keys for some low-cost housing were withheld, until the electorate were to elect the 'correct' candidate? And in her former position, had it not been her responsibility to intervene on behalf of an orphan, was had been made an orphan by the government to which she was the minister for Women, Family and Community Development?

I talk about that poor little girl, who was orphaned on purpose by the government forcing her mother, a Hindu of Indian ethnicity, into a religious rehabilitation camp? And at the same time restricting her father's access to her by making her Muslim grandparents responsible for her upbringing as a good Muslim?

‘I am talking about the children many may not know about,’ said ‘Justice’. It is enough to talk about the cases and names that we do know. Lina Joy, anyone? (In case the word 'family' has some relevance in this respect) Body-snatching? Come on, give me a break! Umno has understood the relevance of blogs and alternative media by now, and they are clever enough to, if need be, pay astro-turfers from the money of the rakyat to foster their agenda.

"I am so proud of Malaysians that they stood up against injustice and change,’ said ‘Justice’. Well, would the mainstream media not welcome such enlightened statements? Congratulations to all those who were not swayed, is this what 'Justice' implies?

‘But thank goodness she is back!’ It is true, she is back. Despite Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's words that the losers won't be reappointed. Despite a BN member already being appointed the minister for Women, Family and Community Development.

Either ‘Justice’ is a cyber-trooper, then we don't need to get this nonsense, or ‘Justice’ is infatuated with Shahrizat, then this is the wrong place to declare it.