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I refer to the Malaysiakini report Defections: Why Pakatan should wait .

Anwar Ibrahim promised the people through press conferences, ceramah and public statements when campaigning in the recent general election that he will eradicate all form of corruption when he comes into power.

Anwar Ibrahim and his associates in the DAP and PAS want the people to believe that the country is coming apart due to massive corruption and mismanagement by the Barisan Nasional government.

Yes, there have been some corrupt practices by certain quarters in the government; no one condones them. One Zakaria of Klang does not make all the 500-odd state assembly persons in the country corrupted too. There are other cases of corruption but definitely the country is not riddled by these corrupted officials nor the country is coming apart. Our officials and civil servants are generally a dedicated and honest lot.

However, one has to be fair to those mentioned in such allegations. As any layman on the street will tell you that to enable ACA to bring the perpetrators to court, the ACA has to produce sufficient evidence – not just because Anwar Ibrahim or Lim Kit Sang says so.

The prime minister had the courage to recommend a royal commission of inquiry for the infamous ‘Lingam video tape scandal’ just before calling for the general election. It goes to show his clear conscience and clean hands of his administration. This despite knowing that the opposition would take full advantage of the inquiry to throw bad light on the government be it the past or present one.

The people must know what they really want for the country – important issues like equal and fair opportunities in businesses, job security, better educational facilities, health-care, public security and most of all true peace among all Malaysians. Why do you think people have been asked by present and past national leaders to practice ‘the give and take’ attitude? Why do you think that despite the divergence of our race, colour, religion and language we can have 50 years of peace?

Just change for the sake of changing is definitely not good enough; to experiment with the future of the nation by placing the highest office of the land in the hands of the opposition is fool-hardy and simply reckless.

In 1994, when he was the Deputy PM to Tun Mahatir’s Government, Anwar was known to have orchestrated the cross-over by Sabah’s PBS newly elected MPs and state assembly persons to BN. He thought he was smart, although many others thought otherwise simply because this was unfair to the electorate in Sabah.

In the past weeks Anwar again revealed his true-self when he admitted that he was indeed negotiating with BN newly elected MP’s with the obvious subject of ‘cross-over’ to his camp.

In his manifesto for the recent election, he proclaimed to all and sundry that when he comes into power, his top priority is to eradicate corruption but even before the new parliament is convened he was already up to his old self – offering BN MPs material gain for them to cross-over to his camp.

Of course, he denied that there discussions on any ‘trading’ in his talks on the cross-overs but surely they cannot be talking and negotiating the price of Dayak or Iban hats – please Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim don’t belittle our intelligence.

The fact that he has admitted negotiating with the newly elected MPs to cross-over itself shows he would not hesitate to betray the electorate to serve his selfish ends. Such a corrupt practice is the highest form of corruption and stinks to the highest heaven.

It would be interesting for Anwar Ibrahim to explain that despite his promise of clean government, he is now resorting to unethical and immoral ways to get the very people he condemned and accused of corruption to join him.

For goodness sake give us a break. Surely the people can see his true intention. All he wants is the prime minister-ship and the power that goes with it.

Why are all the leaders of the BN component parties (except for the prime minister) suddenly so quiet to such a happening? Have all of them been so badly beaten that they have lost their voice even over such a serious matter? To quote Martin Luther King Jr: ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter’. Speak up and tell the people! Your country expects all of you to do your duty.