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Disrespect for Hindraf 5 is disrespect for all Indians

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Hindraf worried for Uthayakumar's health .

It is very disheartening to know that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is still holding the innocent five Hindraf members in prison under the name of ‘national security’. In a true sense, the police until now, are unable to provide any evidence that these people are a threat to national security. The detainment actually has got nothing to do with so-called ‘national security’.

It more looks like they (Pak Lah and the gang) cannot accept the mistakes they have done to the Indians over the past 50 years. In other words, they prefer to be in the state of denial rather than accepting the truth that the Indians were marginalised in this country under BN’s rule.

Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar stated that these five detainees have a political motive behind their actions. What is wrong if they have political motive especially if it is a genuine one? What is wrong for them to voice out the Indians’ grievances whether you call it with a political motive or not? How could Syed Hamid become a Home Minister without a political motive? If those who have political motives need to be thrown in jail, then Syed Hamid deserves that too.

Pak Lah must realise that the act of detaining the five Hindraf members who represent the community is similar to detaining all the Indians in the country. Disrespecting them is equivalent to disrespecting the community, disrespecting democracy and disrespecting justice. What they did was just to request justice for the marginalised Indian minority group and they were practicing their constitutional right of freedom of speech by organising a peaceful gathering to hand over a memorandum to the British Embassy on Nov 25.

Pak Lah, if you are unable to provide solutions to their demands then at least you can choose not to respond. But why is it necessary for you to give them such a harsh punishment? Now you see what has happened - your popularity has gone down the drain.

If you have truly repented for your past mistakes as you claimed during a post election announcement, if you have learned your lessons from the March 8 election, if you are really listening to the rakyat , then you must release the ISA detainees immediately, without any conditions attached.

In fact, you should also apologise for your irresponsible action in arresting them and the way you treated the innocents with acid-laced water, tear gas and harassments during the peaceful gathering on Nov 25.

Unfortunately, you are not showing any signs of repentance.You are just adding salt to the wound. By doing this, you are just accumulating more hatred against you and your Umno-led government. Now, not only Indians hates you but in fact Malays, Chinese and others too. You can clearly see this happening around you.

The respect many Indians had for you is fading away fast or maybe faded away altogether already. Surprisingly, even your loyalist Samy Vellu is advising you to release them. The Malays, Chinese and Indians have clearly sent their protest vote (voice) and message during the March 8 election. What type of other messages are you looking for to release them? Why delay further?

This is the rakyat’s voice, release them immediately. I wonder what you meant when you said that you have ‘learned from your mistakes’ during one post-election announcement. The five poor fellows are allowed to rot in prison for unjustified reasons and so far no action has been taken to release them.

Recently, P Uthayakumar, one of the detainees was admitted to the hospital because he was deprived from taking proper food and medications in prison (even after requesting for it several times) until his diabetic level shot up to 18.8. Due to this reason, his eye sight is also getting affected.

For your information, you are solely responsible for whatever happens to the five detainees at the detention camp. We know you are busy with your revival and political survival strategies but at the same time, for god sake, please give your signal to release them. I really wish the people; the public, the opposition and even Umno will throw you out from all the government positions as soon as possible for the sake of democracy, justice and freedom.

Thanks to those who are working towards it. As a Malaysian, I am definitely one of them.

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