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I refer to the letter Karpal's outburst rude, alienating.

Abdul Rahman Abdul Talib seems to justify the ‘alleged’ (I thought it was proven, although not in a court of law, by implication) death threat against Karpal Singh. He advised Karpal to be careful not to make careless remarks that touch upon the sensitivity of the people in Malaysia. Abdul Rahman should also give similar advice to his Tuan Guru and Tok Guru.

Over the years, these PAS leaders and blind followers have made remarks and declarations that not only hurt and offend the sensitivities of non-Malays and non-Muslims, but also a great number of moderate Malays/Muslims who do not share PAS’ peculiar view of Islam.

Does he seriously think that PAS would get anywhere in elections if it openly declares Islamic state as its agenda? A significant number of Malays/Muslims would protest, and these numbers combined with the non-Malays and non-Muslims – would mean ‘selamat jalan PAS’ .

It is because of promises by the likes of Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud and other respected leaders of the party at pre-election seminars and forums in urban areas of PAS’s willingness not to bring up this contradictory issue that voters are willing to give this party a second chance despite being back-stabbed in 1999.

Or does the party deceive its own leaders into convincing the rakyat that yes, PAS deserves a second chance because this time round it will be a ‘team player’ and justice and fairness will be its platform. If this is the case, congratulations to PAS, it has succeeded.

The rakyat have truly been deceived and had really believed in the party’s sense of Islamic justice and fairness and thought that such a noble party would whole-heartedly support moves like the abolishment of NEP and announcements of pig projects. Didn’t PAS leaders at one time, (some may still do) declare that the assabiyah (racist or nationalist) NEP is against Islamic teachings?

Alas, our hopes are shattered when Abdul Rahman revealed that PAS merely reluctantly agreed to these moves out of friendship and solidarity for Pakatan Rakyat and that agreeing to these actions was, in fact, a sacrifice for PAS. How dare PAS say so.

If PKR and DAP, out of respect for democracy, propose to lift the unconstitutional ban on Malay women participating in beauty contests, then that would truly be a sacrifice for PAS to lend its support out of solidarity and friendship, and of course, democracy, if the party really knows its meaning.

As for the veiled threat of leaving Pakatan Rakyat to join Umno, I pray to god that it will materialise. Let Pakatan Rakyat consists of only parties truly committed to the principle of democracy and which have the highest respect for the constitutional rights of each and every of the rakyat.

It would be amusing to see Umno choose between PAS and the other component parties which will definitely reject PAS’ admission into BN. Umno is not a foolish party. It will choose the other thirteen friends over this one ‘friend-a-moment-enemy-the-next’ party. Trust me on this.

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