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Matriculation: Education Ministry must be transparent

This May 8 marks two months after the Malaysian 12 th general election. BN, PKR, PAS, DAP representatives have been sworn into office. Congratulations to all the elected representatives. What has been happening since March 8?

1. Umno is studying the reasons for their losses.

2. MIC is trying to re-brand. What was the earlier brand no one knows.

3. MCA is trying to gain mileage by bringing up sensitive issues. Where were they when sensitive issues were spoken of by others?

4. Gerakan can kiss goodbye to the party. Koh Tsu Koon has buried it and done the last rites.

5. PPP? What is that?

6. PKR, PAS, DAP trying to find the faults with the previous government which incidentally will take more than four years to complete.

Let me ask the elected representatives. What have you done for the rakyat thus far? What do you plan to do for the rakyat ? Let's look at the current situation which requires immediate action.

Why aren’t you fighting for the people whose children deserve a scholarship or entry to the matriculation course? Why are there is there so much dissatisfaction over entry to matriculation and scholarships being offered to non-deserving cases - Malays and non-Malays? Why can’t the elected representatives voice this out in Parliament?

Ask the education ministry to be more transparent. Post on the Internet the results of all the SPM candidates who have received entry for matriculation and scholarships. If there is someone who is better and not being offered either one, he/she can sue the relevant party for not getting the scholarship. Transparency. Not kesian -cy or politi-cy.

Why do the rakyat have to fill in the blank for ‘race’ when applying for matriculation or when sitting for a public exam? It is a known fact world wide that the marks of Malay students are adjusted to show that they perform better than the non-Malays. Why are the authorities afraid to take into matriculation non-Malay students who have scored 10A's?

Let’s get up one morning to discover that our lives will be better today and knowing that in Malaysia - the land of opportunities- there is only one race and that is ‘Malaysian’. Let us be proud to be Malaysians. The feeling of being a proud Malaysian. It has been lost a long time ago - 22 years ago to be exact. When will we have that feeling again?