Help the stateless Indians, MIC

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I refer to the Malaysiakini report MIC Youth: explain why Hindraf 5 not freed .

I wish to highlight to the MIC Youth chief SA Vigneswaran that one of the sensitive issues affecting the Indian Malaysians (if this was not identified in his brain-storming session) is the plight of thousands of Malaysian-born Indians in estates and rural areas who have no birth certificates, ICs, citizenship papers.

They have been suffering for decades while MIC was busy frolicking and hoodwinking the Indians while wallowing in corruption and gangsterism. If he is sincere about helping the Indians, he should:

a. Immediately launch a nationwide campaign and identify all these victims of governmental neglect who are in dire need of help and assistance;

b. List these victims on the MIC website;

c. Render immediate assistance to all these victims and get for them the necessary papers from the government so that they will NOT continue to live in this country as outcastes;

d. Provide a monthly update on the status of these cases and applications so that the makkal (people) can monitor the performance of the MIC and their role ‘in protecting, uplifting, caring and advancing’ the interests of all Indian Malaysians;

e. Provide a annual report to the makkal on your performance on this matter; and

f. Put in place the necessary mechanisms to identify, register and prevent this from happening to our future generations.

Can the MIC Youth chief make this his first agenda and prove to the makkal that the MIC is sincere and relevant to the society that it wishes to serve? Can he do this simple assignment and show us what influence, respect or power the MIC has as a member of the BN coalition government or whether the MIC is just another ‘tea boy’ of the Umno-led government?

Please stop this wayang about asking the government to explain this and that and get down to serious work if you are a leader and you wish to be an MP in the next elections. What say you SA Vigneswaran?

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