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I am a foreign investor in Malaysia and am using Streamyx Internet service for my business. It is extremely important for me to have an uninterrupted service to carry on my business. However,

interruption in my Streamyx service is so frequent that it works only a few days a month and every time it is interrupted, I have to wait for several days for restoration of services.

Every time I lodge a complaint, I am told that my service will be restored in 48 hours, which itself seems like a joke, as it is never restored in 48 hours. It usually takes almost a week for a remedy to take effect. However, a few days after that, it will get interrupted again.

I have to go through the same painful process of calling Streamyx staff who will only take a call after half an hour on hold. Most of the time, it’s even not possible to get through Streamyx complaints section.

The last time I reported a service interruption was two days back through the complaints number 1-3471577000 and was lucky enough to get my service restored after 48 hours but it only worked

for less then 24 hours and now once again I am facing service interruption.

This has been going on for more than a year. On every complaint, I am told that interruption is because of a lightning strike or failure of Streamyx servers.

I have written to the Prime Minister’s Office, the senior managers of TM Net and the newspapers. Someone from TM Net responded to one of my letters and claimed that my problem was caused by faulty wiring inside my premises. But this is not true.

The Streamyx staff responsible for service restoration are extremely unfriendly, irresponsible and indifferent to customer complaints. All this can be verified from my service history.

Last year alone, I made 20-30 complaints and after each complaint, I had to wait for a week or so for restoration of service.

I would like to ask TM Net:

1. Is not it a daylight robbery to charge TM Net customers for service which they are not providing? And should Streamyx charge customers a fixed amount every month when they only provide service for only a certain number of days a month?

2. Why does it takes several days and sometimes weeks for restoration of service after each interruption? After all, we are in the 21st century?

It has become so frustrating that some foreigners who were doing online business in my area have left Malaysia because of TM Net’s negligence. Although I like to stay and work in Malaysia, I would not be able to do so if I do not get reliable Internet access which is crucial to my business.

While the rest of the world is offering every incentive to foreign investors, TM Net is chasing away investors and businessmen from Malaysia. I hope, this time, someone high up wakes up and takes action.